About Us


We believe that play is at the heart of children’s learning.


We are faithful in providing a nurturing safe environment at all times.


We will be available to meet the children and family needs that we service.


We are actively and eager to provide your child with learning activities that are developmentally appropriate.

About Us

One of the most valuable ways adults promote children’s positive sense of self is to engage in conversations with children about things children want to discuss. My focus is building a positive self-esteem in young children. It is my ethical responsibility to support children well-being by encouraging the development of learning through play.



Creative Play Daycare plays a very important role with setting the atmosphere for the environment. Respecting children and their environment are our first steps to building relationships. We also understanding everyone that is a part of our community is important. At Creative Play Daycare we will create a sociomoral ,atmosphere, and provide children the opportunity to be imaginers in their environment.


To cater the needs of the children and provide a safe learning environment.


Play is a child’s work. Play is a child’s response to life. It is the way children discover themselves and the world around them.

Meet The Owner


Hello I am the owner/Director of Creative Play Daycare. I am a graduate of Central Michigan University with a bachelor of science in Early Child Development. Before starting the daycare, I was a Head Start teacher for 21 years. Throughout my years of being an educator I have always made sure children are actively involved in their learning environment.
I look forward to your child being actively involved in our learning environment.

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